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Beauty by Sian

Beauty & Holistic Treatments in the Comfort of your own Home

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

This is a deep massage to relieve muscle tension & aid relaxation.

Full Body - £25.00

Back, Neck & shoulders - £18.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Use of slow & light massage techniques to deeply relax your mind & body. Essential oils are blended to suit your individual needs. Each essential oil has its own beneficial healing effect on the body & mind.

Full Body - £30.00

Back, Neck & Shoulders - £20.00

Indian Head Massage - £20.00

Massage of the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp & face. Helps aid restful sleep, relieve tension, stress & fatigue. It is extremely beneficial for muscular tension, headaches, eyestrain, anxiety & to help promote a calming balanced feeling.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment - £20.00

Ear candle treatment followed by a relaxing, lymphatic drainage, facial massage. It is ideal for anyone who suffers with ear, nose, throat & sinus problems. It can also help relieve colds, snoring, pain or pressure when flying. It is also extremely effective for tinnitus.

Reflexology - £22.00

Thumb & finger pressure techniques are used to work the reflex points in the feet, which correspond to areas of the body, to restore balance & energy flow within the body. This treatment is deeply relaxing & regular treatments can remove toxins & could help relieve minor ailments.

Book an appointment with Beauty by Sian on: 07584128323